Friday, February 5, 2010

lookin' good

hi. my name is loren. i live in greenfield, massachusetts and was invited to contribute to the blog by zach, who thought that i could contribute something good to the blog. i hope that this first post lives up to that.

"now . . . do it now . . . cookson discount center . . ."
where else would you hear something like that other than in nostalgic commercial jingles?

a friend of mine simply gave this album digitally with absolutely no information. what you hear is what you get. i still have no idea whether this is truly an album of jingles extended into songs, or art created in the most ironic and professional way possible. not that the tracks are long. they're no longer than 1 minute, 4 seconds, but you'll soon realize just how long a minute lasts. definitely give it a shot. it might surprise you.

here's an example:

here's where to download the album:

oh, and on a related note:

longer and even more amazingly relevant one:

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