Friday, December 11, 2009

Master Blazter

Master Blazter Live at the HVW8 Gallery from HVW8 on Vimeo.

Super Session with Master Blazter (Dam Funk, Computer Jay and J-1)

The Dust Bunnies-Dream Lover

The Dust Bunnies - Dream Lover from Adam Bruneau on Vimeo.

This here is a nice string-gaze cover of bobby Darin's "Dream Lover"

R.I.P. Jack Rose

A few albums in tribute to a folk music genius. You will be greatly missed.
Kensington Blues download
Dr. Ragtime and Pals Pt. 1 download
Dr. Ragtime and Pals Pt. 2 download

BIG A little a

I'm a huge fan of lo-fi, and minimalistic music;
But, I cant help but fall in love with BIG A little a (or for short 'Aa')

But shit, who couldn't fall in love with a DIY, maximalism, tribal/electronic group?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Washed Out!

I was so fucking excited when I first read about the new Washed Out mix,
I mean, he has been gone out of the country for his honeymoon, and the wait was getting too damn long.

So thank you Washed Out and coming back and giving us something to munch on until the album.

Washed Out - The Fantastic Symphony Mix