Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dubstep in da house

Hey folks,

So in trying to really mix it up, I thought I'd bring in an album that's been on repeat many times for me, but doesn't exactly fall in line with what's typically posted here. The genre's dubstep, and it's getting fucking huge. This particular album, FabricLive37, is one in a series of mixes put out by various artists brought in by Fabric, a really premier-type nightclub in London, England. This particular FabricLive is the epitome of London dubstep, and is already sort of old, in terms of where the genre's at, but I still find it rockin'. I don't really feel like it gets started until track 4 or 5, but it's a decent intro. For those of you unfamiliar with dubstep, here's a live example:

so basically, mix that into about an hour-long dubstep sesh and you have this.

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